Cladding FAQ’s for leaseholders

The Government recently announced that owners of flats and buildings without cladding will no longer require an EWS1 form when selling or re-mortgaging their property- providing relief to nearly 45,000 owners of such properties.

For owners of building that do have cladding, the Government has committed to spend nearly £700,000 for the training of 2000 more building assessors to speed up the process where EWS1 forms are required.

What does the seller need to do in the event the building owner does not test the external wall materials?

The seller can request that their building owner or managing agent commission an EWS assessment. The building owner or managing agent is responsible for confirming what materials are on their building.

Can the buyer or seller initiate the EWS process?

The EWS process is for building owners to undertake. It is prudent for both the seller and buyer to be in contact and engage with the owner to ensure the process is undertaken quickly. 

If the building owner refuses to acknowledge their legal responsibility, the matter can be referred to the local authority or the Fire & Rescue Service.

What happens if the EWS assessment identifies that remedial works are required?

If there is a need for remedial work then we would expect the building owner/ managing agent to take this into consideration in their valuation. RICS have called on Government to ensure that remedial costs do not fall to leaseholders.

Lenders are unlikely to lend until remedial work has been completed,.

Does the EWS assessment cover general fire safety measures?

It does not. The EWS assessment is about the safety of different types of external wall systems and does not assess other fire safety risks.

The person responsible for the building should have a fire risk assessment (FRA) for the building.

Cladding Assessments & How LBS can help

LBS has a panel of qualified surveyors to offer the EWS1 form. All of our surveyors have the necessary credentials:

  • Fully qualified to carry out The External Wall Fire Review
  • Full Professional Indemnity Insurance in place
  • Accredited & Qualified Fire Engineers
  • RICS registered
  • Ability to complete the review within ten working days from engagement
  • EWS1 certification for developments where work has not started and for completed projects
  • EWS1 certificate will be valid for five years, and only one assessment is required for each building

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