The External Wall Fire Review process (EWS1 Form Process)

The Grenfell tragedy has resulted in a number of changes being implemented in respect of the Building Regulations in connection with ‘combustible materials.

RICS, the BSA and UK Finance agreed an industry-wide process which would be used by valuers, lenders, building owners and fire safety experts in the valuation of high-rise properties. This is where Form EWS1 becomes relevant, and why consultants have been asked to sign this Form.

The process is as follows:

  • Valuer instructed by lender
  • Valuer checks whether building has External Wall System (EWS) Form
  • If yes – valuer acts depending on Form content
  • If no – the following process starts:

RICS Guidance Options A and B is as follows:

Option A

Option A for buildings “where the materials used in the external wall would be unlikely to support combustion”. Additionally, the consultant has also to select one of:

  • A1 which confirms there are no attachments whose construction includes significant quantities of combustible materials 
  • A2: which confirms that following an appropriate risk assessment of the attachments no remedial works are required
  • A3 is of particular concern and indicates that there may be potential costs of remedial works to the attachments”  

Option B

Option B is “where combustible materials are present in external wall”.

B1 is where there are combustible materials but, in the opinion of the fire expert, works are not required; 

B2 is where works are required. You should obtain the cost of remediation works, refer to lender guidance and reflect in your valuation.

External wall system & how LBS can help

LBS has a panel of qualified surveyors to offer the EWS1 form. All of our surveyors have the necessary credentials:

  • Fully qualified to carry out The External Wall Fire Review
  • Full Professional Indemnity Insurance in place
  • Accredited & Qualified Fire Engineers
  • RICS registered
  • Ability to complete the review within ten working days from engagement
  • EWS1 certification for developments where work has not started and for completed projects
  • EWS1 certificate will be valid for five years, and only one assessment is required for each building

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