Professional Consultants Certificates: A cost effective solution for developers…

We were recently approached by a regular client regarding their development project in central London looking to provide the comfort needed for future purchasers to raise a mortgage.

This high-value conversion project comprised of both commercial and residential space.

We were instructed to carry out site inspections in order to provide a Professional Consultants Certificate (PCC) for the residential element of the project.

The project was a factory being converted into luxury apartments including a ground floor and basement duplex apartment. The residential element is valued at £12 million over four flats and is due for completion in mid 2017.

We were taken on when the project was part-complete with our client seeking a solution that would allow the future purchases of the residential units to raise finance against the properties.

Many providers of PCCs and Architects Certificates do not provide services on part-completed projects, however London Belgravia Surveyors are able to cover such projects retrospectively on a case by case basis after assessment by our team.

Due to the fact that the project was part-completed, the premium required for a structural warranty had increased significantly and therefore did not prove cost effective.

The PCC product we delivered resulted in a saving of around 60% for our client compared to the cost of a building warranty.

Because our Professional Consultants Certificates being recognised by the Council of Mortgage Lenders, the lender acceptance rate is comparable to that of a warranty.

There are a few small, independent architects and surveyors who carry out PCCs in additional to their major business streams. The problem with them is that you are often a secondary consideration alongside their bigger clients and prioritised projects and you often will not receive the level of service you should expect.

We offer a specialist independent monitoring service delivering professional consultants certificates and providing comfort to you clients / lenders that there is an impartial organisation involved in the project management of the development.

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